M10, fine wire cold welder, by PWM Ltd.Operation

0.10mm - 0.50mm (.0039" - .0196")
(AWG: 38 - 24)

155 x 45mm (6" x 1¾")

Nett weight
555gr (20 oz)

Gross weight
1.175kg (2½lbs)

Lightweight and reliable

The M10 is a lightweight, manually operated machine that will permanently weld most non-ferrous metals within the range 0.10 - 0.50mm. Designed to fit comfortably in the hand, the machine is easily operated by a light trigger action. No set up time is required, and the cold weld is completed in seconds. 

The M10 uses industry standard dies. The machine is supplied with a storage case, which has space for several dies.